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Monday, February 14, 2011


After the auction, we went home and it was time for me to start painting. Ken had done a lot of work on the ceiling on Friday and put on the first coat of paint. He also spackled the walls and they were ready to go. The first room I chose to work on is what will be my office. The colors will be red and gray. I started inside the closets, and it's fortunate that the early painting will not be too visible. Here's what the first patch looked like!
It was pretty scary. But later on I changed to a roller and a bristle brush and started to get into the groove. I haven't finished the room yet, but it has begun to look like there might be hope for it. At least that Pepto Bismal pink won't be on the walls anymore!


I went down to Pulaski on Thursday this week, hoping to get more work done in a long weekend. This was the first time I had been there early enough on a Friday night to go the jamboree at the country store in Floyd. It was packed! Some out of towners (even out of state), some students from Tech, and lots of locals.
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The guy below is always at the store, paid by them, I'm sure, to add "local color". There is also a bird-like woman who dresses like a cross between a madam and Minnie Pearl. I think (hope!) she is paid to dress that way as well.

We heard 2 groups while we were there. One of the groups was called the "Jug Busters", and the lead guitarist was named Nicholas.

The songs were all bluegrass, of course, and alternated between 2-step and flat-foot rhythms. I watched the feet and after deciding that the step wasn't hard at all, decided to give it a go. Ken and I were "dancing" on the side since the floor was so crowded and there wasn't any place to leave my purse. Then, someone beckoned me in, so I left my purse and coat with Ken and joined the fray. I even flat footed to "Dixie" at some point in the evening. You can see "Minnie Pearl" in the picture below - the blonde in a red dress with bolero top and short ruffled skirt.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Last week I got an email from Dan Matthews, a dear friend from Russia days. He was going to be in DC, so we made plans to meet for lunch. The last time we met was in New York City, where we had lunch at the outre Jean Georges. This time we went to Georgia Brown's for some good down home soul food, albeit yuppy style. Dan has been in Baku now for 12 years. We had fun catching up and assessing the turns our lives have taken.

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