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This blog is about being in the moment - creating life one instant at a time, whether in the flesh or on paper.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Getting Started

May 28, 2014
For years now I have wanted to write two books. One is about my courageous family, its split into Canadian and American branches during slavery and the two sides' rediscovery of each other in the 1980's. The other is about my own love story. So far, I have not gotten beyond "want."

A creative writing teacher once told my class that we should write even if we didn't want to; and that if we were stuck, we should write about being stuck. So that's what I'm doing.

I love writing about life at The Frog, which I have been doing since since 2010. I hope now that the writing will also serve to help me get unstuck. I have added to the description of the blog, that it is about creating life moment to moment, whether in flesh or on paper. 

I have also made the blog public! I hope that taking this plunge will help keep me true to my goals of writing no matter what, and getting unstuck.