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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

All Clear!!!!

Text from Long and Foster Real Estate this morning while sitting in the Detroit airport - "Appraisal is OK." We could almost hear the agent's loud sigh of relief coming through the text along with the words she wrote. Willem and I heaped our own sighs on top of hers and the whole collective exhalation swept through the airport like the refreshing breeze that follows a heavy summer rain. (Literary critic writes in the margin, "trying too hard".)

The appraiser visited the Frog last Wednesday, but only submitted his report today - Tuesday. We spent the whole weekend finishing as much as we could of the packing, all the while thinking and trying not to think, "What if?"; telling people about the move but completing every sentence with, "but it's not a done deal yet."

Now it is a done deal! Something could always go wrong at the last minute, but at this point it is highly unlikely. Although the other house still needs to be appraised and pest inspected, we don't anticipate any issues there.

Vacation time is really here now!

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