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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

As MuchTime as you Would Ever Want to Spend in the Detroit Airport

We took the boys to the Pet Resort Monday morning, stopped at the post office, and headed home to make final preparations for the trip. Having friends over for wine, and doing last minute chores kept us up until after 11. We grudgingly set 4 clocks - redundancy rules! - for 3:00 and settled in for some turbo sleep.

Willem's phone went off first, a full 4 minutes early - and at that time of day, every second of sleep counts. Adrenalin alone got us up and going. I went downstairs to start the coffee and by the time I went back upstairs, the 3 other clocks (clock radio, iPhone, and iPad) were loudly battling for supremacy. I couldn't decide which to turn off first - the harp, Etta James singing "At Last", or the barking dog. I went for the dog.

Departure was smooth. We were out on time by 4:00 and at the airport by 5. We left from Roanoke as scheduled and got to Detroit at 7:30. After making our way to the international terminal we had a nice  breakfast and then settled in to make the best of the next 14 hours and 15 minutes in an airport that has very little to explore. Great people watching, though; and lots of time to solve the world's problems. In the last hour or so, we relied on Netflix to entertain.

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